ISAKOS Launches Young Professionals Task Force

ISAKOS has recently launched the Young Professionals Task Force chaired by Dr Pieter D’Hooghe. The committee comprises 38 members from around the world, who are tasked with a shared mission to “promote membership to younger surgeons, foster emerging leadership, and increase engagement across strategic areas such as education, research, publications and governance”.

Although the task force is in its infancy, many of you will be familiar with their early work. Most notably, the recent webinar entitled “The Anterolateral Ligament: Let’s Stick to the Facts!”, which was very well attended, with nearly 2000 attendees. The webinar provides a comprehensive and up to date resource, with talks from international leaders in the field providing the latest insights on the anatomy and biomechanics of the anterolateral structures, and a strong focus on clinical results, imaging and surgical technique. This excellent resource is available along with other recent webinars via the ISAKOS global link. 

Behind the scenes, the Young Professionals Task Force has been equally busy with other aspects of its mission. One of the main objectives has been to promote membership to younger surgeons. Currently, membership is free for residents and fellows, so please help us to raise awareness and encourage your junior colleagues to apply. Membership brings a whole host of benefits including access to Global Link: the ISAKOS Online Education Portal with access to more than 3,000 media items, discounts at ISAKOS approved courses, access to the ISAKOS Career Center and Professional Resource Opportunities, and a subscription to the Journal of ISAKOS (full list of membership benefits here). 

Over the next few months the Task Force will be working on some exciting new benefits for our younger members including a new virtual mentoring program. Look out for an update soon and details of how to apply!

-Adnan Saithna 

Benefits of ISAKOS Membership include:

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