Diversity – Life as a Latina Orthopaedic Surgeon

All my life I knew I want to be a doctor; I remember my grandmother in the emergency room and that is where I convinced of what I wanted to be. During my years in medical school, was not clear about which specialty to do, I felt that I went through all of them butContinue reading “Diversity – Life as a Latina Orthopaedic Surgeon”

ISAKOS Launches Gender Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

Diversity is essential to create strong and productive organisations, maximizing the strengths and talents of all members of the society. Similarly, a diverse leadership group with unique experiences and perspectives is better able to generate novel ideas and goals, contribute different approaches to an issue, and provide a fresh viewpoint to an organisation. Orthopedic surgeryContinue reading “ISAKOS Launches Gender Diversity and Inclusion Task Force”